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What if SELF-HOME manufacutring?

HCI-fabrication3D printing HTML/CSS3 WebGL/three.js

Trying assemble Online?
Have great ideas but new to 3D-printer?
Mistakes upsets you?
Want a designer and expertise to help you?
Personalize your furniture as if easily online-shopping in Amazon?

It's a project running by me at MIT CSAIL, US. I focus on the Internet of Things, Human-Computer Interaction and Personal Fabrication.
Novice users' fabrication assistance in world's warehouse
Project is ongoing, documents are coming soon.

What if NO smartphone when you become OLDER?

HCI-touchscreen-interfaceJava Android App Leapmotion

Imagine when you get old...
You want to call your husband, but wrongly dialed your son...
Accident requires you call 911. But it's hard for you to respond swiftly on the phone...
Take care of older adults around you and me.

It's a project running by me at McGill SIS,Canada. I focus on 3D Motion Tracking, data cases analysis and App development.
Older adults' touch interaction with smartphone
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What if getting BORED with daily THERAPY tasks?

MI-BCIP300-BCI Matlab & C++ Emotiv & Bluetooth

The therapy for the stroke is painful.
One cannot lift up his arm, but he trains himself. EVERYDAY. Only in hope to lift up his arm autonomously.
NO fun. Especially when positive good feedbacks or updates. DESPERATE.
How to cheer them up?

It's part of an enormous therapy project running by National Neural Lab at TJU,China. I focus on brain-computer interface, mechanical arm control and neural signal analysis.
Stroke patients' autonomous consciousness and inspiration mechanism during therapy
TJU Talk Research Talk

What if your BABY is STOLEN?

Embeded SystemRobotic Ultrasonic Wave μC/OS-II & STM32

Parents love their babies so much that they are willing to die for them.
HOWEVER, in China, there's a group called "HUMAN TRADER". They steal new-born babies, and then sell them as a merchandise.
In crowded places, these tragedies are happening, EVERYDAY.

I teamed up with peers to investigate this robot at TJU,China. I focus on ultrasonic ranging and alerting module.
Parents' third-eye-care for their babies
Final Report Marketing Research

What if feeling UNSAFE in STRANGE rooms?

Computer VisionInfrared OpenCV Radar

Miners' work environment are terrible. DARK and dangerous.
Not knowing what is waiting for them 10 miles away.
BUT, if you have an "eye" to help you see things clearly in the dark?

To achieve our goal--seeing things that naked-eyes cannot see, we designed this infared laser radar at TJU Hexagon Club,China. I focus on OpenCV imaging processing part.
Protectors' dark environment detection for you
Final Report Mid-term Report Showcase

What if FORGETTING to WATERyour flowers?

Internet of ThingsSmart-Home Zigbee PCB/AltiumDesigner

Plants are pleasing.
But forgetting to water the plants and witnessing their dying is annoying.

We built this automatic watering flowerpot as part of the smart-home furniture in the national contest ICAN 2014,China, which won the first prize. I focus on all of the software coding part.
Homemakers' automatic watering and rotating flowerpot assistant
Final Report Product Manual Presentation Commercial Plan Showcase Customer Feedback

What if DISTRUSTING the PRECISION of lab tools?

DSPBreadboard Circuit Proteus Simulation Frequency Meter

TJU has a long history lab...which means devices are not precise enough.
And they don't work well.

That's why me and my friends had such a strong desire to build up a high-precision frequency meter at TJU,China. I focus on DSP coding and debugging part.

Videos Presentation Technical Talk Data Analysis

What if feeling HUNGRY when STUDYING?

LabVIEWGUI Design User Experience Emotiv & Bluetooth

When I was taking the LabVIEW course, I felt hungry but there is no vendors in the building.
The purpose of technology is to solve problems and make life better.

So I applied what I have learned in the course to create a virtual vendor machine at TJU,China. The background of my vendor machine is the building I take this LabVIEW course. Interesting, isn't it?

Report UI Talk

What if STARTING the FIRST step to your research?

MI-BCIP300-BCI Matlab & C++ Emotiv & Bluetooth

Wondering how research is like?
Just join it!

I had a smack at research and it fulfills me greatly. It's a plane positioner project at TJU Hexagon Lab,China. I kept learning and coding the single chip microcomuter there.


Education Read 10000 books, AND Travel 10000 miles.

01/2017-06/2017 Research Assistant at MIT CSAIL in HCI Engineering Group, advisor: Stefanie Mueller

08/2016-12/2016 Research Assistant at McGill School of Information in ACT Research Group,advisor: Karyn Moffatt

06/2016-07/2016 Visiting Student at Georgia Tech

04/2015-06/2016 Research Assistant at TJU National Neural Engineering in Rehabilitation Lab,advisor: Dong Ming

07/2015-08/2015 Visiting Student at Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra

07/2014-08/2014 Visiting Student Partner at HongKong University Technology Camp with TJU

08/2016-12/2016 Electrical Engineering (BSc.) inTianjin University

Internship Who am I, Where am I from, Where am I going to, What am I going to do?

01/2016-03/2016 Test Engineer at Chip-Sea Technology CO., Ltd, Shenzhen, China

Scholarships & Awards That's the past.

2016 Mitacs Graduate Fellowship, Canada

2016 Meritorious Winner, MCM, US

2015 National Scholarship, China

2015 Distinguished Alumni Award in 120 School Anniversary, TJU

2015 Outstanding Volunteer, TJU

2015 Star of Self-Improvement, TJU

2014 First Prize, MCM, China

Affiliation & Chairing Enjoy every moment!

06/2015-06/2016 President at Student Union Association Leadership

03/2015-07/2015 Teaching Assistant at Course: Signals and System Teaching, Mentoring

10/2013-10/2015 Chief Commander at Campus Official Wechat Platform Social Media

09/2014-01/2015 Manager at Enactus (Originally named SIFE) Business & Consulting

01/2014-06/2014 Psychological Consultant at Campus Supporting Group Psychology Therapy

10/2013-10/2014 Cantoese Teacher at Catonese TJU Club Communication

Volunteering My Life-long Business.important!!!

04/2017-04/2017 Student Activities Event Host, ASA2017 ::midway , MIT, US

03/2017-03/2017 Coding Mentor, Blueprint 2017 , MIT, US

10/2016-10/2016 Guider, Tech Fair , McGill University, Canada

08/2015-06/2016 Principal Manager, Tianjin Government Campus Training Program, China

04/2016-06/2016 Hospitalization Guider, Tianjin First Center Hospital, China

01/2015-03/2015 Bilingual Commentator, Tianjin Museum, China

10/2014-10/2014 VIP Reception Group, WTA Open, Tianjin, China

09/2014-09/2014 Organizer, Strawberry Music Festival, Tianjin, China

06/2014-07/2014 Leader, High-School Students Engineering Route Program, TJU, China

01/2014-06/2014 Reporter, Oral History Memorization Program, TJU, China

Talks Sharing

2016 "World,Country,Youngster", TJU

2016 "How to manage your time", TJU

2015 "To win your scholarship, you should...", TJU

2015 "Go to have a look at the world", TJU